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Kolangal is a 2003 Indian Tamil -language soap opera on Sun TV. It is a Prime time serial. The show aired from 29 May 2003 to 4 December 2009 for 1533 episodes. It aired Monday through Friday at 9:00PM. The show stars by Devayani, Nalini, Chandra Lakshman, Deepa Venkat, Poornima Indrajith, Abhishek, V. Thiruselvam, Ajay, Yugendran and Kuyili.

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Serial Casting

Kolangal is a famous Tamil serial that was aired in Sun TV and was running for about 5 years. Thiruselvam directed it and the serial had over 1000 episodes to its credit. Thiruselvam is from a village called Nadiyam in Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu. The entire plot revolves around Abhi (Devayani) who is a business woman, very ambitious, hard working and one with very strong beliefs. She faces trouble from Aditya, who is her half-brother and a competitor to her business. Abhi owns a small construction company called Abhi Constructions and Aditya also owns a construction company in the name of Aadhi Constructions.
Tholkaapiyan is a very good friend of Abhi and many have a misconception (mostly think wrong about their pair) that they are living together. The main characters in this serial were Devayani, Manjari, Abhishek, Nalini, Thiruchelvam, Sathya Priya and Deepa Venkat.
Karpagam is the mother of Abhinaya. Abhi has a brother called Manohar and has two sisters namely Anandhi and Aarthi. Karpagam taught her children good habits and they were brought up with lots of straight forwardness, which created more problems as they progressed in their lives. Abhi’s mother compelled her to marry; however, Abhi was very strong that even after marriage her income should go to her family until Anandhi completes here studies and start to earn. Manohar is a dropout from school and earns a living by working in a mechanic shop. Baskar who is money minded wants to marry Abhi, they both marry each other, and due to various reasons that include pressure from her mother-in-law family, they are separated soon.
One other reason for their separation is that Abhi started earning more than Baskar, which pushed him to having inferiority complex. Usha and Tholkappian are good friends of Abhi in her office. Tholkappian falls in love with Abhi; however, he has not guts to express his love to Abhi. Anandhi falls in love with Shiva and Aarthi falls in love with a person who is not fit for a married life with no earnings. The entire episodes revolve around how Abhi tackles her problems with her husband Baskar and Aditya, her rival. This was Devayani’s first stint in Tamil TV serial. Every episode of this serial was very thrilling and showed how Abhi is fighting to move on her life and finally comes to an end with everyone understanding each other better without creating any problems.