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You have 4,000 digital tags and only 15 graphics screens? That's what.. some 270 tags per screen? Must have a lot of alarms. Anyway, I have used FL in the past, many times and I've not had a problem with my computer locking up. But you've only stated that your computer locks up. You didn't say why it locks up. Yu gi oh gx sub kissanime. Are you looking for someone to tell you why your computer freezes? That can be any number of causes; both hardware and software. If you can't determine for yourself why this is happening, it would be very difficult for someone else to tell you how to fix it. I would suggest examining your NT event logs and running perfmon to see if a process is going awry. See if you can rule out either software or hardware. For example, a CPU overheating will yield similar results. Or a bad power supply. The fact that applications have been developed by by numerous other people, myself included, that didn't experience this kind of problem leads me to believe that the FL software can't be entirely buggy. Good luck with your troubleshooting. Tech support might be able to offer some insight also. Could be compatibility issues somewhere. Philip L. Glass Brown and Caldwell