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A file with the CAMREC file extension is a Camtasia Studio Screen Recording file that was created by versions of Camtasia Studio prior to 8.4.0. Newer iterations of the software replace CAMREC files with TREC files in the TechSmith Recording format.

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..on client nor on server side.Use scetches only for guidence, your creative upgrades are welcome. Video player should be functional (embedded Youtube player) and pictures on the ranking page are thumbnails from youtube.Make sure you use only free youtube videos available for embedding. It's enough to take 5 to 10 videos and repeat the same content

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Web crawler using curl 6 days left

I would like to create a bot using php + curl to get data from website with credential it will navigate the we and download excel files. using the excel files it will insert new record and update old records

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build a Java FX game 6 days left

Must Know How to use github and IntellijYour first task is to choose a simple one-player, two-dimensional (2D) board game, and then implement the 'engine' of that game in Java. You should write some unit tests to check that your game logic works correctly. You second task is to use JavaFX to add a graphical user interface (GUI) to your game, which

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download data from allowed website 6 days left

download data from allowed website

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Football Card Design Webapp 6 days left

..page into one new page 1.1 This requires the design of a football card see attached for example.1.2 Modify the existing image upload area to go on the card template for the player photo (Head and shoulders) with crop and resize. 1.3 In line editing of Fields around the card for the user to complete.1.4 In the sharing page provide functionality for

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Download 77 images and combine to one PDF 6 days left

I have 77 links to images on a server. I need someone to download each image, create a PDF (in high quality) and send me the PDF. Should not take more than an hour or so. Cheapest price please. Cheapest bid will win! Need done ASAP!!!

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Private project or contest #1504615 17 hours left

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C++ and Rasberry pi 6 days left

I need to create an app with sdl2 to use it on Raspbian running outside startixand be free in the future to use it on other linux operating systems.The app is a Queue Management System that works in this way:1) at the start it show the number 002) right arrowkey: grow the number of one step, so for exampe ->1 -> 2 -> etc. till 993) left arrow

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Download and clean 300 000 HTML pages 6 days left

Download a list of around 200-300 000 HTML webpages from [login to view URL], strip the HTML from irrelevant content (e.g. ads) and extract the main content (using e.g. boilerpipe), provide to me the main content of the pages.I provide the full list of URLs that need to be downloaded and processed.I need all webpages downloaded, with the download URL being

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..landing page that I can use as a download gate for Patreon. I am a DJ and I have a patreon where I post my mixes to and would like to grow my patrons there. My idea is to have a platform where I can upload a mix that I just recorded and give my listeners a link to it. They would have to sign up for my patreon in order to download this mix. So I would need

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URGENT I need a 16 x 20 poster graphic created for outgoing soccer seniors 2 days left

..The Red Devil and GI block logos can go either under the player action photos or near the top. Whichever looks best Uniform design: an image of the uniform design is attached. Please use our red Nike uniform design in the graphic We will need the Nike sign included. We will need the player numbers included as well. We would like the Nike sign

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I want to build an iptv app linked with xtream codes panel for smart tv app like (iptv smarters pro)-player with best quality possible with all video and audio codecs- epg support of xtreamcodes panel - support of vod subcategoryanyone who never done this before please dont contact me, if anyone doesnt have skill of iptv with active code and

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Create travian combat system 6 days left

Im in need to create simular to travian combat system using the following formula:https://wbb.forum.travi..get this done with javascript / Node.js calculations.It has to support all tribes, all units, espionage, ram, etc.also have to support 'supported units' when player supports another player within the attack. ( read about how travian works).

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I need a 4 in a row game (player vs player) in programming language GO.Algorithm for the end of the game must be in GO and translated into WASM.

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Computer Vision solution needed for analysis of Squash matches 6 days left

..tracks player and ball movements. I am most interested in learning where the ball touches the floor and where the ball is struck and by which player. However, in the short term I am looking for the following:1) Time Stamped data of where the ball touches the floor on the squash court2) The ability to manually notate when player a or player b strikes

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Elementor support - display all files on elementor DB 6 days left

Hello, I am using elementor to build a form. (See screenshot)Now all forms are stored into Elementor DB which I can see it online..images. What I want is:1. Display all upload images with text, as sometimes some leads may contain more than 1 file (e.g. [login to view URL], [login to view URL])2. Available to directly download all files3. Done within 2 working days

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Python Program on website 6 days left

..I'm looking for a fantasy sports optimizer for PGA, NFL and I had one built for NBA already. I'd like it to scrape DraftKings and FanDuel for specific slate information and player details. I need program to handle 50-200 users and I'm not familiar with the plan I need. Do I sheed shared hosting or VPS? Would VPS hosting with with 2 cores, 4 TB, 60

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API data download into excel for analysis 6 days left

I need someone to use an API for me - i..use an API for me - it is football games, the API provides live data for the games and I need a minute by minute download of the main values. This needs to work easily day on day - download new games list, create excel sheet or file, download values once game is live.API is from commercial site [login to view URL]

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Change pdf reader android app from subscription only to free with ads 6 days left

I have an android app on google play, which is a pdf reader for a local newspaper. Here is the app: [login to view URL]Currently its on a subscription only basis, meaning you have to login and pay via bank transfer before it will be opened and you can read the full page, otherwise it will only display a half page.I want to change that system into one where everyone without logging in can vi..

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(PCB) Single board processing unit (Rockpro64) connected to FREE SPR SDR board USB 3.0 5 days left

We need a processing unit such as Rockpro64 that supports USB 3.0 (schematic is available online) that connected through USB 3.0 to a FREE SPR SDR board (schematic is available online)into one board. Who design this should make sure that the board is working perfectly, The money will be transferred after testing the board. after the designer prepared

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build game android with control panel to manage it 5 days left

we want build android game like game in link , we want make player login before start game and earn 1 cent for every 10 minutes play and can playe with friends or online if not any one onle play with random and must be add admob adsense , and controll panel to know points for every playerslets chat for maore details[login to view URL]

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Working on a single player/co-op Syfy open world survival shooter. I’m looking for a couple 3D modelers that can set up a model and everything it needs, to be then imported into UE4. Artwork will be supplied to you to help you complete the task. There’s a lot of work so hopefully who I hire will have consistent work.

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Create a custom 2d animated explainer video 5 days left

..this video about VPNi have a small scripts if you have better you can share with me 'Hi DO you need A 100% unblocked VPN For Your Mobilefor Use whatsapp,imo,facebookDownload SIPGET VPN Nowits 100% unblocked working fine any InternetMR Ali he live in Dubai he want to talk to her mother on Bangladeshbut he Cant Cz ISP block VOICE and Video apps

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I need a logo for a players agency but not limited to football (soccer). even thought most of it will be football players but i want to keep it open for opportunities in the future and limit to football. The company name is Pro 7 and the 7 has to be like our sister companies logo. (i attach)thank you in advance

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I need tool automation to download video from some website 5 days left

I need tool automation to download video from some website- Input a web link, output video fileFor example:[login to view URL][login to view URL]Use some service:Fembed[login to view URL]OpenLoad..

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Article rewritten plag free work. Para by Para 5 days left

I need someone who can write Article rewritten plag free work. Para by Para. & i will give 40 INR per hour

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Video Content Analysis (Expert Needed) 5 days left

..multiple cameras2) records as much time-stamped information as possible. this is likely to include, where the ball was played from, where the ball landed, who hit the ball, player locations.And you can see the conversation with the original developer.Q1: Can you send me a short recorded video of that game?A1: The best think for you to do would be

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hello Player how are you?, i have a project for reverse game mmorpg, can talk about?

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Invitation maker-RSVP (Native or Hybird!!!?) for iOS and Android App? 5 days left

..screen record of the sample sent to your whatsapp to get the full idea.I can also assist you with the translation.Please see attached image (image of the app I want you to download to see what I want my app be like)(Invitation maker -invitd RSVP). PLEASE: if you want contact me I want you to full explain to me how you can do the project. and why you

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live android tv app streaming with sign in with email and password. normal video player. in app purchase such as subscription for tv channel. not too much complex. I need simple live tv app.

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i am looking for somone to build me a 3d infinite runner game , like subwaysufers. the game will n..for somone to build me a 3d infinite runner game , like subwaysufers. the game will need a home page , character store and facebook intergrated leader board . in game if the player dies he / she will have the otption to watch a video ad and be revieved

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Customer Support Agent for a Fast Growing Startup 5 days left

..very important. We currently have a team of superstars who have helped us greatly in our growth and success. You’ll love working with us if:• You’re a professional team player with positive attitude that makes you want to delight our customers everyday• You’re a self-starter and creative problem solver who is ready to meet any challenge with a smile

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Build a mediaplayer for a music teaching site (html5) 5 days left

I need a music player in html5 that can read .mid (midifile) that I upload to my Wordpress site. The mediaplayer shall be able to-play the file with sound.-show a timeline with the score (sheetmusic)-highligt the current note that is played. -It shall be possible to start, stop, jump 5 sec forward / 5 sec backward-Set tempo for playback. See

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Make A Virtual ScratchCard Gambling Game With Bitcoin 5 days left

You will be creating an online gambling game but a very simple one that has just one game. Players will deposit bitcoin and be able to play a scratchcard game in which the player has to match 3 symbols to win a prize in GBP (Pound Sterling). The price is awarded in bitcoin to the users account wallet. This game will be very similar to Tombola Arcade

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I want to add 'coin/credit management' to game launcher 5 days left

..is running, by pressing player one or two button all coins added throw coin door will be excepted and put in to memory at all times. To use these coin credits, the player one start button will add`s 1 coin credit and player one start button starts the game. player two button will add`s 2 coin credits and starts a two player [login to view URL] is done when

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VPN Client App for Android and iOS 4 days left

We will refer to Super VPN to develop Crystal VPN App for Android and iOS. The Super VPN can be downloaded at ([login to view URL] and iOS. The Super VPN can be downloaded at ([login to view URL])Before the development, the developer must download and try Super VPN App.

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Make my snowboard player go along rails! ( UNITY 3D ) 4 days left

..stuck on one area. Please read :I would like my player to be able to land on objects with the tag 'rail' and grind along it, The rails will be curved and go up and down, left and right. I need someone to give my player the ability to jump onto a rail and slide all the way to the end. Also, The player must be able to land anywhere on the rail and slide

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URLshortner with user agent lookup 4 days left

..user agent to x link or standard temperate (like sorry we don’t have a PC app please download on your iOS or Android deviceCustom use agent redirect to xOther user agent to redirect x link or standard template (links sorry we don’t support your device please download the via iOS or Android device)This will be a chargeable service with payment options

9 bids
need to download whole code from aws 4 days left

I need someone to doenload whole web app from amazon ec2 to my local directory which includes Mysql database also. I am changing to godaddy

14 bids
reissy 4 days left

i want a dvd player that is android has harddrive, camera, virtual keyboad, and microphone.

11 bids

I am football/soccer player agent based in istanbul/turkey. there are few wen pages where the clubs are posting the positions they are looking for with their requirements.There are other web pages where the players are listed ([login to view URL]).I am looking for a software which can match the demands with the players.(Removed by Freelancer

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download sql server table to redshift 4 days left

download 220 sql server 2008 tables to redshift and automate process to repeat weekly.

17 bids
Write a Python script to scrape a website and save data it to a single file 4 days left

..scrape data from this website: [login to view URL]The script must log in to the website, fill out a form, submit a request, then download data from a page that has links to futher pages that must be scraped for data. I have included pictures of the pages that appear as someone would navigate through the process

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stereo phone 4 days left

I would like it designed and built. android stereo and dvd player

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URGENT - Video Content Analysis of Squash Matches 4 days left

Seeking someone with e..multiple cameras2) records as much time-stamped information as possible. this is likely to include, where the ball was played from, where the ball landed, who hit the ball, player locations.Please get in touch if you have expertise in the described area.Once the candidate is selected, I will start the project immediately.

6 bids
Full colour Illustrator for card game. Characters and/or backgrounds 4 days left

Working on a short simple card game. It's a 2 player game a fatal samurai combat set in Feudal Japan. Looking for an illustrator for either 4 illustrations of 2 characters (see explanation below) or for 6 background images, or someone who can do both. The game will be printed on standard poker sized cards (2.5' x 3.5') but some images stretch across

73 bids

I am starting up a business in photography and need my business website designed.I need that website to sho..need that website to showcase my gallery ( anywhere from 30-40 high rez images), have a link to a Blog, and potentially in the future be able toupload content for clients to download from the website.More details once I hear back, thank you.

Convert Camrec To Mp4

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Download Home Depot Products using their API 4 days left

We need to download the Home Depot product list, with categories and subcategories.I found this to do it:[login to view URL]The primary objective is to download it only once, but we'd like to be able to run it approximately once per month.Please quote a price to do this, and what format you can provide the

11 bids
Help Me Write, Edit, And Publish My Book 4 days left

..additional research, strategy as far as publishing (or self-publishing) goes.The concept of the book is taking lessons learned over the course of 10 years as a professional poker player and translated them into useful advice for a range of topics such as business, personal finance, and relationships.Ideally looking for someone who has either published a

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Android App - Tapping Contest Game to Win $1/Daily 4 days left

Camrec To Avi

..clock begins counting down from 12:00:00 and taps are recorded.-Every time a player taps the green circle, they score one point.-The green circle slowly moves around the screen (so that players have to pay attention to the screen and can't use an autoclicking app)-If a player taps outside of the green circle, the screen turns red, and they lose a point

29 bids
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