Bmw Key Reader Software Windows 7

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Bmw key reader software windows 7

V1.4.0 is the update version of BMW Scanner. The required operating system is Windows XP. But I have hooked it up successfully on Dell 360 Windows 7 64 bit system. Following are my attempts, you can have a try.

1) First of all, install BMW scanner software

2) Plug the BMW scanner V1.4.0 interface to your vehicle’s OBD2 socket after complete software installation, but do not connect it with your PC/laptop at this time

3) Wait several seconds and plug the interface to the computer USB port

4) Download FTDI driver on the http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/D2XX.htm web site. It is not difficult to perform according to the window instructions.

5) A black DOS message will show up and then install the driver after downloaded it on your computer.

6) Go back to the main program, find out device manager and click BMW Scanner to select driver software you want to update.
7) Select “Browse my computer for driver software”>> “Universal serial bus controllers”>> “FTDI driver” >> “USB Serial Converter”, then accept window prompt to go on operation

Bmw Key Reader Software Windows 7

Software Download

8) Install the FTDI driver

9) Wait some seconds until the BMW scanner detects the software. Run software and select your options after successful install driver

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Warm Prompt: You can download a secure program from Windows XP Mode, Virtual PC and Microsoft before operating.