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An instrument simple and powerful.

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Jan 7, 2010 - I've got an Okyweb player with loads of pre-loaded tunes when I had. 'MP3 files to MIDI' and see what people are claiming for their software. Okyweb 4 is the most simple and cheap midi and mp3 player with an internal. Are seven touch keys with which you can control all functions of the software.

Okyweb 4 is the most simple and cheap midi and mp3 player with an internal storage of 16 Gb and touch screen.

Dennis wilson songs. It is a powerful player of music files with a general Midi generator of 108 notes of polyphony derived from Merish 4. The generator includes 848 sounds such as acoustic and percussive ones with 46 drum kits. The sound has been studied by M-live, with its strong thirty-year experience in production of Midi files, to reach the maximum compatibility with all productions in General Midi and especially with backing tracks available on www.songservice.it

Tricerasoft downloads. Okyweb 4 is also a Midi Expander when is connected to a Tablet or PC.

Okyweb 4 reads all Midi and Mp3 formats, besides it can edit Midi files and organize them in complex archives also through Playlists. It connects to TV or PC monitor through HDMI cable to read lyrics and chords in synchronization with music.

Okyweb 1 Software

Okyweb 4, with the optional Wi-Fi M-pen, can be connected to the Internet, accessing the backing tracks’ collection of www.songservice.it and sharing the musical experience through dedicated App.

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