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PS2 goooo

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Childhood nostalgia

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To great

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Best song

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Why am I crying in the club?

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Woah i felt those first secounds of sound in my brain W O A H

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best final fantasy song in my opinion.

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I love this song

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my heart melts evrytime i listen this ;-;

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Yuna x Tidus or Lenne x ShuYin, I can't decide.. :'

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Beautiful. Best FFX Song

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1000 words

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dam dam

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i cry erytime ;_;

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Oh the memories

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my favorite song of all final fantasy song

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too good

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Lagu Yuna Mp3 Download

@rakib-khan-621850905: LOOOOOLLLL

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yuna and lenne

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I love you yuna plz rest with me. I love u forever

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Yuna mp3 download

one of the best songs in the final fantasy game series

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great song brings back memories

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i always cry :') at this

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Best FF song ever!

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adore this song

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i didn´t like the game that much, but the soundtrack was nice. And so is this song!

▶▶ Help choose my next song by donating! https://www.patreon.com/JubyPhonicYouTube: https://youtu.be/hEueDAUJXm4Happy Valentine's Day! ♡Although I don't have anyone to celebrate it with, I've got enough sugar and shoujo manga to fix that right up. You wouldn't believe how much Hana Yori Dango I've read already this week hahaha!Putting my slow descent into insanity aside, I thought this would be a nice love song to throw at you for love day. A decade old OTP from the from Final Fantasy X & X-2, Tidus and Yuna. Oh but let's not forget Lenne and Shuyin who's tragic story still makes me want to tear out my still beating heart and throw it into a volcano! Too much? Never. Because I've probably been singing 1,000 Words since I was nine and straining to look over the shoulders of my older siblings to catch a glimpse of the screen. I'm also sure that my sister is going to fly down here and murder me for singing her favorite song but I've lived a good life so far. Please enjoy my crappy homemade karaoke and childhood dreams!ORIGINAL CREDITS:✦ Music: Noriko Matsueda, Takahito Eguchi✦ Source: Final Fantasy X-2✦ Original Singer: Koda Kumi (Japanese), Jade Villalon (English)COVER CREDITS:✦ Vocals: Juby✦ Mix: Juby✦ Subs: Juby✦ Translation Ref: Final Fantasy Wikiⓐⓛⓛ ⓜⓨ ⓛⓨⓡⓘⓒⓢ ⓐⓡⓔ ⓕⓡⓔⓔ ⓣⓞ ⓤⓢⓔ----Contact Me----✧ ғᴀᴄᴇʙᴏᴏᴋhttps://www.facebook.com/jubyphonicp✧ ᴛᴡɪᴛᴛᴇʀ@JubyPhonic_P✧ ᴇᴍᴀɪʟjubyphonics@gmail.com-----Mp3 Links-----✧ ᴅᴏᴡɴʟᴏᴀᴅ ɪᴛhttp://www.mediafire.com/listen/jhuki6tndsvvb63/Thousand_Words_%5BJubyPhonic%5D.mp3--------LYRICS————I know that you're hiding thingsUsing gentle words to shelter meYour words were like a dreamBut dreams could never fool meNot that easilyI acted so distant thenDidn't say goodbye before you leftBut I was listeningYou'll fight your battles far from meFar too easily'Save your tears 'cause I'll come back'I could hear that you whisperedAs you walked through that doorBut still I swore to hide the painWhen I turn back the pagesShouting might've been the answerWhat if I'd cried my eyes outAnd begged you not to depart?But now I'm not afraid to say what's in my heartThough a thousand words have never been spoken,They'll fly to you crossing over the timeAnd distance holding youSuspended on silver wingsAnd a thousand words, one thousand confessionsWill cradle you, making all of the pain you feel seem far awayThey'll hold you foreverThe dream isn't over yetThough I often say I can forget,I still relive that dayYou've been there with me all the wayI still hear you say'Wait for me, I'll write you letters'I could see how you stammered with your eyes to the floorBut still I swore to hide the doubtWhen I turn back the pagesAnger might've been the answerWhat if I'd hung my head and said that I couldn't wait? But now I'm strong enough to know it’s not too late'Cause a thousand wordsCall out through the agesThey'll fly to you even though I can't seeI know they're reaching youSuspended on silver wingsOh, a thousand words, one thousand embracesWill cradle you, making all of your weary days seem far awayThey'll hold you foreverOh, a thousand wordsHave never been spokenThey'll fly to you, they'll carry you homeAnd back into my armsSuspended on silver wingsAnd a thousand words call out through the agesThey'll cradle youTurning all of the lonely years to only daysThey'll hold you forever

final fantasy x-2

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I love this so much! 💖😭

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Great vocal.

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What if . . . If I'd just spoken then? How different would the now be?

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what's this from?

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i think i'm crying

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Yes girl I love this song<3

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amazing as always

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you're voice reminds me of elsa from frozen... i forgot the singer and voice acter who played her... i love it.

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its not even valentines anymore but im still listening to it....

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AMAZING!!!! :3

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I really love it! and the voice...XD

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This is beautiful Juby!! ;A;

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I think if you did a collaboration with @ashestoashesjc I'd die in a positive manner okAy

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soothing <3

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So Beautiful! Gives me the chills every time I listen to this!

Lagu yuna mp3 download

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YAY!! This is one of my favorite songs!! You sound amazing

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just remembered the 'sin' :D

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such a great song

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i love this song

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this makes me sleepy

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amazing as always <3

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This song was my complete life for a long time. Your cover makes me feel super nostalgic!!! I love you