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Tait programming software for the Tait 2010 and 2015 Mobile radios The software works in DOS, but I've also run this on a XP O/S in DOS mode. Apr 04, 2014  Hi All, Apologies for being a pest but after several sleepless nights searching, I'm still unable to find the Tait 2020 Windows Programming Software. View and Download Tait T2000 user manual online. T2000 Radio pdf manual download. Radio Tait t2020 User Manual (52 pages) Radio Tait T2000 SERIES II Installation Manual. Portable am fm mobile radio (16 pages) Radio Tait T2020 Series II Operator's Manual (35 pages) Radio Tait TM9100 Safety Information Manual.


Tait T2020


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Summary of Contents for Tait T2020 Series II

  • Page 1 Operator’s Manual T2020II T2020 Series II...
  • Page 3 Licence In consideration of the payment of the Licence Fee which forms part of the price you paid for products you acquired from Tait or its subsidiary or agent (the “products”) and our willingness to be bound by the terms of this agreement, Tait grants to you as Licencee the non-exclusive right to use the copy of a Tait software program included in the products, (the “Software”).
  • Page 5: Table Of Contents

    Contents Introduction ..................5 Safety Training Information ............6 WARNING ................6 Basic Operations ................7 Key functions ................7 Indicators And Display Functions ..........8 Display Window ..............9 Display Window Indicators ........... 10 Standard Operations ..............10 Switching the Radio On and Off ..........10 Switching the Radio On ............
  • Page 6 Contents (continued) Call Queue Full ..............24 Changing the Selcall Status Code (Selcall Option Fitted) ..25 Diverting a Received Call (Selcall Option Fitted) ...... 25 Activating Call Diversion Mode ........... 25 Exiting Call Diversion Mode ..........26 Receiving a Call During Call Diversion ....... 26 Making a Call to a Radio in Diversion Mode .......
  • Page 7: Introduction

    Introduction The Tait T2020II radio is a state-of-the-art mobile radio that provides outstanding communication flex- ibility and a wide range of innovative features. The T2020II is microprocessor controlled so that it can be configured to suit your personal needs and those of your fleet, for greater communication effective- ness.
  • Page 8: Safety Training Information

    Safety Training Information Warning: This product generates Radio Frequency energy during transmissions. It is classi- fied as suitable for ‘Occupational Use Only’. It is not intended for general use in uncontrolled environments. It must only be used with authorised accessories and antennas. The operator must ensure that the minimum safe distance between persons and the antenna is maintained during transmissions.
  • Page 9: Basic Operations

    Basic Operations The T2020II control head includes the following keys and indicators: Key Functions The keypad functions are as follows: Call Used to activate the Selcall function, to enable you to make calls to other users. Status Used to select preprogrammed status messages to indicate your own STAT present status (such as ‘EN ROUTE’...
  • Page 10: Indicators And Display Functions

    Indicators and Display Functions Indicates that your radio has received a Selcall call. If the indicator is flash- ing, your radio received a call which you were unable to answer. Your radio may be programmed to display your caller's identity. Indicates that your radio is ready for you to select a status code relating to STAT your current activity.
  • Page 11: Display Window

    Display Window The LCD display window provides you with direct visual access to information and messages about the status of your calls and your radio. T2000 BUSY SCAN WAIT α STAT Display Window Indicators Busy - This appears whenever there is activity on you current channel. If the BUSY signalling mute on your radio is closed (see the function), you may...
  • Page 12: Display Window Indicators

    Standard Operations Switching the Radio On and Off Switching the Radio On Switch the radio on by rotating the volume knob clockwise to about one third of its maximum setting. The control head display then shows a power-up message. When first switched on, the radio resumes operation on the same channel as when it was last switched off.
  • Page 13: Selecting A Group

    The BUSY indicator in the display appears whenever there is any activity on the channel. Your radio may only unmute the speaker for some of this activity, depending on which signalling options are fitted to your radio. Consult your Tait dealer about the signalling options available. T2000 BUSY α...
  • Page 14: Making A Call

    Your T2020II may be fitted with the ability to hush (mute) another device, such as a car stereo, so that your speech is clearly audible to other users when you transmit a call. Consult your Tait dealer to see if this facility is active on your radio.
  • Page 15: Transmit Timer

    Ensure the microphone is placed on its hook. (Your radio may be programmed to scan when- ever the microphone is off-hook. Consult your Tait dealer for more information on this feature.) Select the appropriate scan group in the same way as selecting a channel (see ‘Selecting a Channel’).
  • Page 16: To Stop Scanning

    The T2020II now repeatedly scans through all programmed channels, searching for activity. When activity is detected on a channel, the scan is halted, and the display window shows the active channel’s name. (If signalling options are active in the radio, only activity with valid signalling tones halts the scanning.) The radio pauses and unmutes on that channel, as long as the traffic remains, and the SCAN indicator flashes.
  • Page 17 4. If your radio is programmed with the ability to call other users with Selcall on your channel, press the Call ( ) key briefly to activate Selcall mode. Use your keypad to enter the call code for the other user. Each digit appears in the display as it is entered. When you have entered all of the digits, press the Enter ( ) key or the Star ( ) key, to send the call.
  • Page 18: Group Calls

    If you wish to call a group of other users, you may do so by dialling the digits common to all members of the group and then using the # character as a substitute for all the remaining digits. If you are not sure whether this facility has been programmed into your radio, consult your Tait dealer.
  • Page 19: Receiving A Selcall Call

    Note: Your T2020II may be programmed to display the call- T2000 er’s identity when you receive a call. Consult your Tait dealer for more information on this feature. To answer the call, lift the microphone off-hook and identify yourself.
  • Page 20 Your T2020II may be programmed to queue incoming calls. If this feature is enabled, the caller’s identity is put in the queue after the ringing stops. All other call indicators are cleared when the received call has been queued. (Refer to the section ‘Call Queuing’ for more information.) If the call was not queued and you are still unable to answer the call, the radio indicates that a call was received in your absence by leaving the CALL indicator flashing.
  • Page 21: Advanced User Operations

    Advanced User Operations Most of the special features detailed below must be enabled during programming of the T2020II. Con- sult your Tait dealer to find out which of these features have been enabled in your radio. Alphanumeric Entry Mode The T2020II contains a number of memory locations which are able to be accessed with an alphanu- meric entry or label, from the keypad.
  • Page 22: Repeater Talkaround

    Press key Characters displayed Explanation Last label entered Unable to determine new label Unable to determine new label New label identified PQRS Channel REGION2 selected and Selcall code transmitted Channel for BASE displayed Repeater Talkaround Repeater Talkaround is a programmable option that allows your T2020II to bypass the repeater, and transmit and receive calls directly on the repeater transmit frequency.
  • Page 23: Sending Dtmf Tones (dtmf Option Fitted)

    The keypad on the T2020II may also send Dual Tone Multiple Frequency (DTMF) tones (consult your Tait dealer to see if this option is fitted to your radio). This gives you the ability to dial telephone num- bers, if your radio network has an interconnection to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), or to send tones as control codes to remote devices.
  • Page 24: User Programmable Scan

    User Programmable Scan Depending on how your T2020II is programmed, you may be able to change the channels that are included in your scan group. Existing channels can be removed and new channels can be added, as required. Edit the user programmable scan group, as follows: 1.
  • Page 25: Call Queuing (selcall Option Fitted)

    Call Queuing (Selcall Option Fitted) Your T2020II can be preprogrammed to queue incoming calls. This feature enables the storage of up to 10 caller identities. Call Queue Not Empty Whenever there is an entry in the call queue, the Function menu is automatically active, with ‘CALL QUE’...
  • Page 26: Exiting The Call Queue

    3. Press the Enter key, and the caller identity of the entry in the display window appears. Again, you can use the Up and Down keys to scroll through the list of entries, and the Zero key to delete the entry from the queue.
  • Page 27: Changing The Selcall Status Code (selcall Option Fitted)

    Changing the Selcall Status Code (Selcall Option Fitted) If your radio is fitted with Selcall, you may also be able to choose from a number of activity codes to be sent with each call you make, indicating your current status. Each code’s description and number (0 to 99) is set when the radio is programmed.
  • Page 28: Exiting Call Diversion Mode

    If the last selected sequence is no longer valid, the default sequence is displayed. 5. If another sequence is required, use the numeric keypad to enter the new diversion sequence. Note that the correct sequence length must be entered (consult your Tait dealer for more informa- tion on this).
  • Page 29: Making A Call To A Radio In Diversion Mode

    A trailing alarm tone can be sent with the emergency sequence, if the alarm tone was enabled when the radio was programmed. Other Selcall Features Your T2020II may be programmed with other Selcall functions. Consult your Tait dealer for more infor- mation on the following functions: Quiet Status Interrogation (QSI)
  • Page 30: Altering User Options

    Altering User Options While most of the features available on the T2020II are able to be customised with the Tait program- ming software, some may be directly accessible to you, to alter according to your own requirements. This is done via the Function menu, as follows: 1.
  • Page 31 Function menu. Refer to the sections ‘Diverting a Received Call’, ‘Call Queuing’ and ‘User Programmable Scan’ for details. Signalling options can be altered in the Function menu item ‘PROG SIG’. For more information on this, contact your Tait dealer.
  • Page 32: Optional Accessories For The T2020ii Radio

    ! Six Metre Remote Mounting Kit ! Desktop Mains Power Supply (T2008) ! 600 Ohm Line Interface Kit ! Computer Controlled Interface (CCI) Kit ! DTMF Tone Kit ! Selcall Kit ! Scrambler Kit See your Tait dealer for more details.
  • Page 33: Appendix

    PQRS WXYZ T2008 Power Supply T2000 Power Supply Tait Electronics has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of information in this manual. However, Tait Electronics reserves the right to update the radio and / or this manual without notice.
  • Page 35 GERMANY Tait Mobilfunk GmbH Phone : (49) (911) 96746-0 Fax : (49) (911) 96746-79 HONG KONG Tait Mobile Radio (Hong Kong) Ltd Phone : (852) 2369 3040 Fax : (852) 2369 3009 NEW ZEALAND Tait Communications Ltd Phone : (64) (3) 348-3301 Fax : (64) (3) 343-0558...