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Also here is my save for Sengoku Rance, its the same one that was posted.

  1. 'I always feel like there's some sort of secret that I'm just not getting when I play this game.'
  2. If you harbour similar feelings, are new to the game or just generally confused by the onslaught of numbers and options, be my guest.
  3. Details can be gotten from reading the wiki http://alicesoft.wikia.com/wiki/Sengoku_Rance
  4. What this document does: Providing a short, spoiler-free, guide to make the gaming experience less frustrating, allowing you to experiment and stray from any 'optimal' path.
  5. What it does not: Telling you how to play or giving specific turn-guides. This involves too much savescumming and should be reserved for seasoned players.
  6. Though it may sound simple, the best place to look for directions and hints is inside the game: There are many dialogues which indirectly tell you what you should work on, it's never wrong to just go 'What would Rance do in this situation? (Hint: Satisfy his Hyper Weapon) -
  7. Incidentally, steadily growing the satisfaction meter is quite helpful.
  8. You may assume that all gameplay elements are there for a reason, so don't be afraid to try them (or the game will force you to, when you are unprepared)
  9. Make some backup saves every few turns, it may save you a lot of headaches, savescumming isn't necessary though.
  10. Don't dilly-dally, it makes Rance grow impatient and lead to bad results -
  11. when the princess is in danger, wasting time to farm XP is not the correct solution, despite what JRPG may have taught you over the years.
  12. You may also want to check out the Game Info (F5) sometimes, the 'Current Status' pretty much tells you what you should be doing right now.
  13. Commander Battles
  14. To get it over with:
  15. Commander Battles only take the level and commander-type into account (so Ninjas still do bad damage, sadly), stats don't matter at all, buffs do.
  16. As Suzume mentions, Dungeon Scout is a great skill to save action flags, it's a Ninja skill.
  17. !!You are able to switch out characters by using a different character to do it, when everyone runs out of turns, you lose.!!
  18. - Most monks can convert actions, this may give your strongest commanders additional flags to use for their strongest attacks.
  19. - If you use Tacticians, you'll start with buffs (they may be helpful or not) on every floor.
  20. - Most attacks either use 1 Flag, or all (so 1 is enough..)
  21. - Generics are pretty weak in the Ranceverse level-wise, that's where the uniques shine.
  22. The meat of the game (along with a different kind of meat), it may look simple and simply smashing bigger troops head-on will solve quite a few problems on the normal difficulty - keep in mind though that this won't work when the enemies become bigger and have better stats themselves.
  23. For mechanics and calculations, go look at the next section, this will rather give you a general idea of do-s and don't-s. (Though there will always be exceptions)
  24. Seriously, if you don't have at least 2 dedicated commanders with high 'Search' to scout the enemy composition, you're just asking for trouble.
  25. Try to use counters, though there are always alternatives to deal with something.
  26. Let's take the most problematic case as an example:
  27. Archer: Footman snipe (3.0x damage multiplier). High ATK stat may help you out here, refer to section 3.
  28. Mage/Diviner: (Be wary of ninjas and monks, employ footmen in the backrow if necessary and try to kill their counters) Ally guard doesn't protect against magic attacks, so this is an easy way for a lot of damage
  29. Monks: Guard cancel on a fast monk outright removes all guard on every enemy footman, making you deal double the amount of physical damage.
  30. Warrior: High attack stat, Tactician ATK buff, big stack: use a skill with high multiplier (Shouting charge, for example) and go to town.
  31. That's just one approach to the battle though, you must have a clear goal even when picking your commanders whether you want to annihilate the enemies or go for a battle gauge win.
  32. Annihilation
  33. - As long as every opponent is annihilated, you win the battle
  34. - More turns for you = more time to kill troops
  35. ->Either reduce enemy turns by killing their fast / multiple-flag units or improve the number of turns you get (Extended battle, fast characters, buffs)
  36. ->Let's extend this thought: It's better if your 'best' Damage-dealers have more turns! You may want to put some all-flag attacks on your characters (i.e. Footman with Fellow Troops' Revenge is great for that) to allow more turns at the end for others.
  37. - Time-efficient attacks: It's not as important to hit early (for reduced stack sizes when they attack) but rather to hit as hard as you can with the limited turn-count: Charge/AoE attacks are very good for that
  38. Contrary to that, the Battle Gauge approach needs different skills and a different focus, at least partly:
  39. Battle Gauge:
  40. - Minimize the damage you take while maximizing your own output
  41. - Battles may end up with most (or all) commanders being alive on both sides, get used to it and don't freak out
  42. - Turnorder becomes extremely important, a good rule of thumb is to hit the enemy that can hit you the earliest (look at the turn order in the middle of the screen)
  43. - You're probably going to have to divert all damage to guarding footmen, if you want to go for this type of win in castles, so keep protecting
  44. - Tacticians have a skill solely to manipulate the battle gauge.
  45. - While previously, hitting the weakest link was sometimes the best solution to remove turns, here it may be better to hit the strongest, reducing his damage
  46. - You know, Shikigami guard on a Footman can save you with the correct timing
  47. - Don't overkill, you're going to need that damage elsewhere.
  48. - If you use AoE attacks (Shikigamis, mostly), think about spreading your previous damage on every enemy commander so they all stay alive, doing the most overall damage possible
  49. - Some skills don't get caught by Footman guard (all penetration attacks, for example), so you may want to just target accordingly and let the footmen alive.
  50. - Look for big stacks with bad defense stats, they're worth a lot of Battle Gauge
  51. - There's a passive ability called Initial battle rating. You may want to use it.
  52. - When some units are stuck in the back, unable to do anything (especially warriors): Don't kill the front row but rather take shots at the back.
  53. Figure out how you can make enemy units do 'nothing to change the gauge', i.e. Monks cancelling guard, Tacticians using buffs/debuffs etc.
  54. Always take counterattack damage into account, if you attack the wrong person it'll hurt you more (on the gauge) than them, depending on your overall strategy this can be bad
  55. Battle-preparation, especially buffed by Satisfaction bonuses, can pretty much level Castle bonuses.
  56. They remain up to the next fight, if you want to savescum.
  57. Castle Siege Expert? (either the item _or_ the passive skill) - Straight 40% Damage bonus, stacking with everything other than itself.
  58. Assassination is stacksize-related, bigger is better.
  59. When using charge characters, always look for ninjas and protect them with all you got!
  60. You can wear some Houses out till they run out of money to replenish their units, or just capture some of their captains beforehand (let them attack you) if the final battle is too hard.
  61. Where do I start?
  62. As battles are the most frequent thing in Sengoku Rance, a quick note:
  63. Every troop type (i.e. Warriors, Footman etc.) has its own, specific Attack/Defense/Intelligence/Speed, not linked to the _Commander's_ stats.
  64. Every commander also has an associated 'cost' in National Power (last column), if you max out your NP budget, new commanders can't be hired, some events are disabled and you're going to get less money at the end of a turn.
  65. This cost will rise at specific stacksizes, you may sometimes want to dismiss troops to get some free up NP.
  66. Combat calculations:
  67. Gotten from http://alice.xfu.jp/wiki.cgi/sengoku?page=%B7%D7%BB%BB%BC%B0 (beware, moonspeak)
  68. Most importantly, Attack (made up of the troops' and the commander's ATK) is hitting against the Defender's (again, both parts are important) DEF.
  69. Intelligence-based attacks (Magic) hit against the INT stats of the _Commander_, this makes results a lot more predictable and less varied.
  70. !!Big 'stacks' (over 499 units) start scaling.!!
  71. This means that Rance, at Troopsize 1000, _may_ do less damage than if you split him in half with both attacking (not considering counterattacks etc.)
  72. Hint: High ATK stats or attacking someone with low DEF will lessen the scaling.
  73. (This means that, depending on the enemy, either higher troop count or Attack stat may be better)
  74. Experiment and try to remember combat situations, this'll help you out tremendously in the future in predicting combat results.
  75. (For simplicity, just for ATK, INT works accordingly), more details in the Wiki
  76. 1. Commander ATK / Troops ATK vs Commander DEF / Troops DEF
  77. As the stat is used early in calculations, going from 6 to 8 ATK may do everything inbetween not improving your damage at all to making you hit 10 times as hard.
  78. Hint: A Tactician may, in that respect, allow you to plow through the enemy lines, try it out.!!
  79. There's a specific cap on that part of the damage: You won't ever do more than the actual troop count, so 1000 Warriors won't do more than 1000 Damage up to this point - of course, this may be further multiplied, but it's the reason some buffs may seem worthless.
  80. 2. Battlefield Bonus / Percentage-based Items / Skill Multiplier / Passive skills
  81. Battlefield Bonus (around 20% in most castle-fights), same as Percentage-based Items as the '+20% Damage' are just that: a straight multiplier.
  82. Hint: There is one specific item (and one passive skill which does the same thing, sadly not stacking with each other) which gives a straight 40% buff to the unit's damage when in a castle.
  83. It does stack (though the display may confuse you here) with Tactician buffs, so you're looking at a lot of possible damage.
  84. Try to get one such unit, at least, along with a skill to hit extra hard - protect it at all costs and watch the rampage.
  85. 3. Damage Additions
  86. !!These don't apply to Magic attacks!!
  87. !!On the Defender's side, the prominent skill, 'Ally guard' will reduce all _physical_ damage by 50%.!!
  88. Counterattack damage calculations run similar to 1., it'll then get multiplied only by things stating 'Counterattack-damage up, nothing else'
  89. In general, you may want to pile bonuses on a specific attacking commander till you get a feeling of 'yeesh, that hurt', because that's what you're going to need to take down castle.
  90. Q: Event X isn't shown/working/etc.
  91. A: When in doubt, you don't have enough NP (national power), some other events have priority, check every country for purple events.
  92. If your reinforcements still haven't arrived, check Owari for 'Accept reinforcements'.
  93. Q: Why do assassinations work so much better for the AI?
  94. A: Relative troop counts play a big role in the success calculations, other than that there are skills and items to help you out.
Spoiler Alert: This page contains major spoilers from the events of the games.
Read at your own risk.

Well.. It's only a monkey.

—Rance, underestimating Toukichirou.

Japanese 藤吉郎
Romanization Tōkichirō

RaceApostle, Monkey
Age / Birth 520+
Sex Male
Status Deceased
WorldThe Continent
AffiliationXavier, Demon Army, Oda House, JAPAN
Appeared inKichikuou Rance, Sengoku Rance

About Edit

Toukichirou was an Apostle of the Dark LordXavier.

Formerly a simple baby monkey, Toukichirou was turned into an Apostle by his master hundreds of years in the past. While the exact reasons for his transformation are unknown, it is likely that he was chosen as an Apostle by Xavier some time after he was freed from the first time he was successfully sealed by the monk Geppei in order to have a minion who would assist in freeing him should he ever get sealed again. In the following two occasions where Xavier was sealed, Toukichirou utilized his innocent looks to become the pet of the various warlords whose houses were entrusted with the sacred gourds that contained portions of his master's soul in order to break them and free his spirit from within.

At some point after Xavier's third sealing, Toukichirou became the pet of Oda Nobunaga, the young lord of Oda House, which was at the time one of the most powerful houses in all of JAPAN due to the excellent leadership of Nobunaga's father. While Toukichirou intended to utilize Oda's military power to gain access to each of the gourds containing his master's soul after the nation had successfully conquered each of the other houses that possessed one, eventually ending with Nobunaga's body being used as a host for his master, his plans were compromised by Nobunaga's poor health and peaceful nature, which caused Oda to quickly lose most of its power, resulting in its most influential people going into hiding. Because of this, Toukichirou was forced to put his scheme on hold and continue to act as Nobunaga's pet until the next opportunity arose for him to gain access to the other gourds.

During the events of Sengoku Rance, Toukichirou was able to finally resume freeing his master when the warrior Rance arrived in JAPAN from The Continent and befriended Nobunaga, who gave him permission to become the secret leader of Oda House, allowing him to conquer the rest of the nation's within the country and giving Toukichirou access to the other sacred gourds in the process. Toukichirou first began his mission while Nobunaga was showing the gourd owned by the Oda family to Rance, where he took advantage of Nobunaga sneezing and knocking the gourd off its pedestal to break it open without drawing attention to himself. By doing this, Toukichirou was able to have a portion of Xavier's spirit inhabit Nobunaga's body as well as grant his fellow Apostle Rengoku the strength to free himself from his human host.

Following Rengoku's unsealing, Toukichirou left the vast majority of the remaining work unsealing their master to the stronger and more capable Apostle, though he would take action himself if Oda hadn't conquered a nation in possession of a gourd for an extended period of time by sneaking into the enemy nation's territory and breaking its gourd. After four of the gourds had been broken, Xavier was able to gain dominance over Nobunaga's body and Toukichirou loyally returned to serving him. During the final battle between Oda's forces and the Demon Army, Toukichirou fought by his master's side and attempted to defend him after he had been defeated, where he was slashed in half by Rance, killing him.

On additional playthroughs, the player is able to gain the ability to have Rance kill Toukichirou after becoming annoyed with his loudness before Nobunaga shows him Oda House's sacred gourd. Panicked over having killed Nobunaga's beloved pet, Rance will find an identical baby monkey and present him to Nobunaga as Toukichirou. With Toukichirou dead, none of the sacred gourds are broken and Xavier and his other Apostles are given no opportunity to be freed, allowing Oda House to conquer all of JAPAN without the threat of the Demon Army looming above them. After all of JAPAN has been conquered, Nobunaga will reveal that he was aware that Rance had killed Toukichirou the entire time, with him renaming the new monkey Hiyoshimaru.

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Toukichirou appears in the non-canon Kichikuou Rance, playing much of the same role to that setting's version of Oda Nobunaga as he does to Xavier, acting as a loyal pet. Toukichirou plays a very limited role in the game, simply riding on Nobunaga's back and occasionally talking with him. Once JAPAN has been conquered, Toukichirou will die alongside his master. It is unknown whether or not Toukichirou was still an Apostle in this version of the setting.

Sengoku Rance Save File Complete

Personality and Appearance Edit

Despite being an Apostle, Toukichirou's appearance was virtually identical to that of an ordinary baby monkey, being a small, adorable simian with brown fur and a white underbelly with a large tuft directly beneath his chin and the fur on top of his head styled into a top knot. After resuming his role as Xavier's Apostle, he gained a small black and red cape, as well as a small pile of skulls which he stood atop when in combat. Despite his youthful appearance, he is referred to as having been Xavier's first Apostle, implying that he was actually the oldest of Xavier's five Apostles.

Toukichirou's intelligence seemed to be far beyond that of an ordinary monkey, likely due to his nature as an Apostle increasing his natural capabilities. He was able to orchestrate multiple plans to free his master across the three additional periods when he was sealed, all of which succeeded, and was able to avoid drawing suspicion onto himself due to his innocent and unassuming appearance, allowing him to remain unsealed even after his fellow Apostles were. While he was incapable of speech, instead uttering the usual howls of a monkey, those who were close to him such as Nobunaga, Xavier and his Apostle colleagues were capable of clearly understanding what he was saying. Besides his natural cunning, he appeared to have had a cheeky and playful personality, and was frequently seen screwing around when not actively trying to free his master.

As an Apostle, Toukichirou was completely devoted to serving his Dark Lord master Xavier, working tirelessly to free him whenever he was sealed. Xavier appeared to be particularly fond of Toukichirou out of all of his Apostles, letting him ride on his back and shoulder at all times and not requiring him to do any additional work for him once he had been successfully freed. Toukichirou's loyalty to his master was so intense that he gave his life attempting to defend Xavier.

Some time after Xavier's third sealing, Toukichirou became the pet of Oda Nobunaga in hopes that his nation would be able to conquer the other territories that possessed the gourds containing Xavier's soul, intending to have Nobunaga's body act as his master's eventual host. While Toukichirou only became Nobunaga's pet to aid him in freeing his master, he seemed to genuinely enjoy spending time with him, maintaining a playful and carefree attitude even as it became less and less likely for Oda House to be able to gain access to the gourds. His decision to choose Nobunaga to be the host of Xavier's spirit further suggests that he was fond of him and would be willing to serve him as a master, causing him to show concern for his poor health whenever he became particularly sick. While Nobunaga was entirely unaware of Toukichirou's true nature, he nonetheless viewed him as a beloved pet and would frequently allow him to ride on his shoulder and give him treats.

Sengoku Rance Save 100%

Abilities Edit

Due to being an Apostle, Toukichirou was much stronger than his appearance would suggest. At the time of his death he was at the surprisingly high Level of 30, a higher level than a large portion of the Continent's population. He was also very agile, and was able to skillfully evade Rance's attacks several times through speed alone. Despite this, his very small size prevented him from ever being a particularly formidable opponent, causing him to rely much more on his cunning outside of battle to accomplish his goals, only fighting to assist his master during their final battle.

In combat, Toukichirou used a weapon known as the 'Waraji Shuriken' to battle his enemies. Vector jigsaw puzzle template. This shuriken contained a potent poison that, while incapable of dealing very much damage at all, drained its target of their stamina, causing them to lose one of their actions within a battle. Though not particularly useful on its own, when fighting alongside the extremely powerful Xavier, Toukichirou was able to greatly assist his master by debilitating their opponents to a point where they were too exhausted to continue fighting.

Trivia Edit

  • He is based on Toyotomi Hideyoshi, one of the most trusted generals of the historical Oda Nobunaga who succeeded his liege as the unifier of Japan during the Warring States Period. Hideyoshi was nicknamed 'Kozaru', meaning 'little monkey', by Nobunaga due to his monkey-like facial features and playful and unassuming attitude. Toukichirou seems to reference Hideyoshi's role as Nobunaga's successor in conquering Japan by being primarily responsible for the formation of the Demon Army, which is led by a Dark Lord possessing the corpse of Nobunaga and appears roughly after Oda House has conquered half of Japan's most influential nations and immediately begins conquering the rest of the country once created.

Gallery Edit

Toukichirou's portrait in Sengoku Rance.
Toukichirou's portrait as an Apostle in Sengoku Rance.
Toukichirou's battle sprite in Sengoku Rance.
Toukichirou's appearance in Kichikuou Rance.
Sengoku Rance Save Files
Toukichirou alongside his master in the Harem Master Trading Card Game.

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