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  • Leap is a leapfrog game where the object is to jump all the frogs until there is only one left. The frogs can only move by jumping over other frogs. The levels increase in difficulty as more frogs are added and you have a limited number of tries.

    • leap.zip
    • Michael Hadwen
    • Freeware (Free)
    • 1.8 Mb
    • Windows All
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  • Create a bootable Virtual Hard Disk for native Windows deployment Portlock Leap Frog will assist you in creating a bootable Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) for native Windows deployment with your Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 machine. The VHD can be used as the running operating system on supported hardware without a virtual machine or hypervisor.

    • PortlockLeapFrog_x86_5.13.0.2608.msi
    • Portlock Corporation
    • Shareware ($39.95)
    • 26.3 Mb
    • WinXP, Win Vista, Window2008, Windows 7
  • Leap'n'Croak is a cool arcade game with infinite number of game levels, and different skill levels. Your playing strategies can vary from simple to very elaborated. It is suitable for all ages.Both installer and uninstaller are included.Now, how do. ..

    • leapfrog.exe
    • Absolutist.com
    • Shareware ($12.50)
    • 1.4 Mb
    • Windows All
  • Some of the financial bond functions in the Excel 2000 Analysis ToolPak (ATP) handle the year 2000 leap day improperly. This update corrects the ATP functions to properly calculate the leap. ..

    • atpy2k.exe
    • 5am Code
    • Shareware ($)
    • Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows
  • Russian Alphabet Frog Game. Frog Game (Flash Version) Frog Game (Java Version). Help the frog lap up the letters in alphabetical order.

    • alphavit_les.swf
    • SM games
    • Freeware (Free)
    • 20 Kb
    • Win 3.1x,Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 3.x,WinNT 4.x,WinXP,Windows2000,Windows2003,MAC 68k,Mac PPC,Mac OS 9,Mac OS X,Mac OS X 10.1,Mac OS X 10.2,Mac OS X 10.3,Mac OS X 10.4,Mac OS X 10.5,Mac Other
  • Take the first steps with a cute young frog Max in the world full of adventure! Take the first steps with a cute young frog Max in the world full of adventure and danger. Jump from one water lily to another and expand the horizons and get food.

    • froggamesetup.exe
    • Freegamesway.com
    • Shareware ($)
    • 7.15 Mb
    • WinXP, WinNT 4.x, WinNT 3.x, WinME, Win98, Win95
  • Small program to check whether your NTP is detecting a leap-second flag, and if so, from where. My thanks to Dave Hart for suggesting the commands required to extract the leap-second data. The program needs write-access to the directory where it is copied, to write a temporary file, so for Windows Vista I suggest installing in a fresh directory such as C:ToolsNTP Please ensure that the ntpq.

    • NTPLeapTrace.zip
    • David Taylor
    • Freeware (Free)
    • 501 Kb
    • Win All
  • Frog Race is a simple, fun game that will have you hopping. Guide your frog to victory across an obstacle course and beat the rival frog to win the trophy. They don't call it Frog Race for nothing.

    • frograce_at_tb1.exe
    • ArcadeTown
    • Shareware ($)
    • 665 Kb
    • WinXP, Win2000, Win Vista, Windows 7
  • Get the frog to the other side of the screen, but watch out for the cars.The frog cannot swim so try to stay on the trees while crossing the river.You can move the frog with the W,A,S,D keys.

    • froggerreloaded_v1.0.1.exe
    • Free Software Foundation,Inc.,
    • Shareware ($)
    • 560 Kb
    • Win All
  • LeapnCroak is a cool arcade game with infinite number of game levels, and different skill levels. Your playing strategies can vary from simple to very elaborated. It is suitable for all ages. Both installer and uninstaller are included. Now, how do. ..

    • leapfrog.exe
    • Absolutist.com
    • Shareware ($12.50)
    • 1.36 Mb
    • Win95, Win98, WinME, WinNT 4.x, WinXP, Windows2000
  • Frogma is a super mario-like platform game written in Java. It features a frog trying to find all his frog chicks, who've been transformed into dumb, human, frog-sized princesses by an evil witch. See the home page for more. ..

    • frogma_08_09_2002.rar
    • frogma
    • Freeware (Free)
    • 2.85 Mb
    • Windows; BSD; Linux
  • FROG HOP will have you on the edge of your seat as you try to keep your frog jumping from one lily pad to the other. Rotate the floating lily pads by clicking on them with your mouse to direct the frog across the pond. Gain extra points if your frog can reach special bonus pads, stray insects that fly onto the game board and much more.

    • froghp11.zip
    • Shareware ($)
    • 1.74 Mb
    • WinXP, Win2000, Win Vista, Windows 7
  1. Amazing Frog
  2. Excel Frog Games Free Download
  • Here is the list of 14 Cool Games which is available in Excel format for free. Download the Connect 4 game for excel from the below attached link.
  • Leap Frog Logic Games - Play free mini versions of Frog Leap Brainteaser Game. Prepare your child for a lifetime of learning with Math Games and Logic.


Bubble Shooter latest version: Free Classic Shooting Game for Puzzle. Top downloads Puzzle for windows. Defend the golden skull with the ball-firing frog.

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Excel is a savior in many ways. Formulas, functions16 Excel Formulas that Will Help You Solve Real Life Problems16 Excel Formulas that Will Help You Solve Real Life ProblemsThe right tool is half the work. Excel can solve calculations and process data faster than you can find your calculator. We show you key Excel formulas and demonstrate how to use them.Read More, workbooks, and business intelligence are only some of its data processing powers. But what about those times where it is all too much, when you just want to relax, if even for a moment? Well, Excel still has you coveredPower Up Excel with 10 Add-Ins to Process, Analyze & Visualize Data Like a ProPower Up Excel with 10 Add-Ins to Process, Analyze & Visualize Data Like a ProVanilla Excel is amazing, but you can make it even more powerful with add-ins. Whatever data you need to process, chances are someone created an Excel app for it. Here's a selection.Read More, genius software that it is.

We’re going to take a quick look at six games you can play without ever leaving the safe confines of Excel, meaning you can play when you work, and work when you play. Your boss may not thank us for this one!

1. 2048

Unless you were under a rock throughout the past year, you’ve likely encountered fiendishly addictive puzzle-game 2048. The single player puzzler built on previous iterations such as Threes, and 1024, was coded in one weekend by 19 year old Gabriele Cirulli. Unwilling to make money from “something he didn’t invent,” Cirulli uploaded free versions of 2048 for both iOS and Android.

You can now play 2048 in Excel, but utilizing the full spectrum of Excel tools to improve your game. This means you can track your moves to better plan your next game, as well as the option to save your progress at any moment for resumption when the boss has left the building.

Quite fantastically, Redditor Krzychu81 developed an ultra-stealth version with “highly advanced cloaking mechanisms to camouflage itself as financial statements.”

Download the original Spreadsheet1.com version here, or the highly advanced stealth version here. Please note the final link is a direct download for an .xls file.

2. Monopoly

One of the world’s best loved property management board games comes to Excel. It took developer Andrew Werner around 14 hours to create a Monopoly simulation for Excel, using programming language VBA (Visual Basic for ApplicationsHow to See All Your PC Information Using a Simple Excel VBA ScriptHow to See All Your PC Information Using a Simple Excel VBA ScriptExcel and 10 minutes of work will give you more detailed information about your computer than you ever thought possible. Sounds too good to be true? That's Windows, if you know how to use it.Read More). True to form, the Monopoly simulator is capable of handling up to four players, with options for human or computer input.

To download Monopoly, click here.


One should never underestimate the supreme power of the spreadsheet. XCOM comes to Excel in this top down rendition of the massively popular turn-based game.

EXLCOM is the result of Reddit user crruzi’s attempt to learn Visual Basic for workExcel Quick Tips: How to Flip Cells & Switch Rows or ColumnsExcel Quick Tips: How to Flip Cells & Switch Rows or ColumnsQuickly bring your data into the proper format, so Excel can do its magic. Use these strategies to quickly flip rows, turn columns into rows, flip rows, and save a lot of manual labor.Read More, and their efforts have retained some of the most iconic parts of XCOM gameplay3 Early Access Games That Were Actually Released (And Successful!)3 Early Access Games That Were Actually Released (And Successful!)It's easy to see why Early Access has bad reputation. Still, some good has come from it and there are several examples that show how Early Access can create a success story.Read More, such as destructible walls. The game also includes a level editor, and though it is still in very early development, the XCOM port represents a quite amazing transportation.

The current version of EXLCOM works with a number of versions of Excel, but I cannot find a complete list as yet. You also need to update the VBA code to enable 64-bit compatibilityIs Your Computer Compatible with Windows 10 & Can You Upgrade?Is Your Computer Compatible with Windows 10 & Can You Upgrade?Windows 10 is coming, possibly as soon as July. Are you eager to upgrade and will your system be eligible? In short, if your computer runs Windows 8, it should also run Windows 10. But..Read More. Creator crruzi posted this fix to the original Reddit thread:

“If you open VBA, and go to the first module (named FightBackgroundFunctions), could you replace the first line, which should be


Amazing Frog

Boldbeast call recorder pro cracked apk. It should create the right command depending on your system.”

This should sort it all out for you. If not, the linked thread contains a number of other bug fixes for you to pore over.

Excel Frog Games Free Download

4. Candy Number Crunch Saga

Take control of the stock market, specifically influencing the market price of Candy Crush Saga developer, King.com. This satirical take on the series “takes place in the not too distant future, where King.com (KING) has had a successful IPO,” placing the burden of boosting their stock market dreams into the stratosphere.

Candy Number Crunch Saga features over 35 news events directly affecting your stock price, includes a real-time stock ticker, and was the excellent result of around four day’s work by Canadian accountant Cary Walkin. Candy Number Crunchy Saga runs on PC Excel versions 2007, 2010, and 2013, and you can grab the download from here.

5. Champ Manager for MS-Excel

One of the world’s most addictive gaming franchises makes the jump into Excel. It makes sense really, as earlier versions of Championship Manager were essentially just spreadsheet interfaces (in fact, has much changed, bar tactics depth and what-not?), and this rendition of Champ Manager is just as one-click-more inducing as its peersFootball Manager 2014: A Worthy Addition To The Long-Running SeriesFootball Manager 2014: A Worthy Addition To The Long-Running SeriesFootball Manager 2014 is out now – but what does this latest addition to the long-running soccer management simulation and statistics game bring to the table? Is silverware within reach if you upgrade?Read More.

You can play in the top four English leagues, the FA Cup, the League Cup, and the Champions League, as well as making transfers from the 3,000 player database. Suspensions and injuries seem to come quite easily, but it is also easy to bulk out a squad with youth players to mitigate.

You can download Champ Manager for MS-Excel via this thread, which also contains some bug fixes released by the author.

6. CellSweeper

CellSweeper is a dungeon crawling RPG-come-roguelike, based upon Minesweeper5 Legendary Windows Tools Replaced by New Features5 Legendary Windows Tools Replaced by New FeaturesWindows includes lots of tools that you use every day, but some have lasted longer than others. Here are parts of Windows that don't exist anymore.Read More, built in Excel. It features six character classes, quick gameplay, and a seemingly reversed difficulty curve. Nonetheless, CellSweeper is more engaging than it appears, and I’m sure you’ll sink more time into it than you realize.

You can download CellSweeper here, or head to thewrongtools for more original Excel games from the same developer.

Bonus: Fraqcel

This isn’t entirely a game; more a psychedelic exploratory experienceCreate Your Own Artificial Fever Dreams with Google's 'DeepDream'Create Your Own Artificial Fever Dreams with Google's 'DeepDream'Have you seen the trippy images coming out of DeepDream? Want to make your own? Look no further!Read More, or at least an attempt at one. Fracqel generates a sprawling fractal design for you to explore within Excel, allowing you to zoom in many hundreds of times to explore the depths of geometry. It features four fractal types, export functions for images, deep zooming capabilities, and customizable color palettes.

You can download Fraqcel right here.

Excel Games Roundup

There are thousands more outstanding Excel games. The games I’ve focused on here use a combination of VBA and handcrafted macros to deliver the fun, but Excel can also play host to a massive number of flash gamesDownload and Run Your Favorite Flash Games Before They Go AwayDownload and Run Your Favorite Flash Games Before They Go AwayWith Google stopping auto-play Flash ads this year, it won't be long before the rest of the Internet starts turning it's back on all things Flash.Read More. Be warned: the flash games are much harder to hide from other people!

If anything, these games show the amazing versatility of Excel and, if you’re caught playing while at work, you can at least point to your ever expanding knowledge of the inner-workings of Excel. If you want to find more Excel games, check out this mega-list. Happy Excelling!

What are your favorite Excel games? Do they make it easier to stealthily game in the workplace?

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