Program For Bisection Method In Fortran

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FORTRAN 90 Lecturer: Rafel Hekmat Hameed University of Babylon Subject: Fortran 90 College of Engineering. SSOOLLUUTTIIOONN OOFF NNOONN--LLIINNEEAARR EEQQUUAATTIIOONN Bisection Method The bisection method in #_> mathematics is a #_> root-finding method which repeatedly bisects an #_> interval and then selects. Computer Programs. The Bisection Method. Return to Numerical Methods - Numerical. Matlab 95 Code C Code FORTRAN 77 Code Pascal Code.


Bisection Method using do loop

Bisection Method Pdf

I am trying to find the roots using Bisection method. While the program works fine in program without using do loop, it gives wrong result in the program containing do loop like, using a=3 and b=5 should have asked for another values of a and b like in the first program. I haven't been able to implement same algorithm in the program that uses do loop. Thanks The program are here: https://gist.github.com/roshan2004/7788d611233b69cb61e372dcc745f7a2

Bisection Method Matlab

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C program for bisection method
1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
The purpose of this program is to calculate the approximate roots of the Sine function on given intervals. The intervals are input by the user, and then the do loop continues until the condition (m becomes very close to 0 or equals 0) is met.
3. The attempt at a solution
program bisec
REAL :: a, b, m, f_xa, f_xb, f_xm
WRITE (*,*) 'Please enter the interval [A,B]:'
READ (*,*) a,b
DO !WHILE (ABS(m) > 1E-7)
m = (a + b)/2.
f_xa = SIN(a)
f_xb = SIN(b)
f_xm = SIN(m)
IF (ABS(m) < 1E-5) THEN
IF (f_xa*f_xm > 0) THEN
a= m
ELSE IF (f_xa*f_xm < 0) THEN
b= m
ELSE IF (f_xa*f_xm 0) THEN
WRITE (*,*) 'Solution is:',m
end program bisec
This is what I have so far, I've changed around my conditional statement to see if it would help, but it did not. The solutions it gives me are either 0 (on an interval that does not include 0) or radically large numbers, or it runs indefinitely. I know I am doing something wrong within the do loop. I've tried to follow the math correctly and translate it into code, but this is still a challenge for me as I am still in the early learning stages of programming. Thank you!