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Ray Sykes hung out his laundry on his covered washing line only for the items to be instantly soiled again. The Auckland man believes the culprits were the dogs upstairs.

Dogs kept on a second-storey deck above his property routinely urinated through the deck on the items below, he said.

New upstairs neighbours moved into the two-storey Housing New Zealand property in Northcote, Auckland on July 29, and two dogs arrived too.

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'I knew there was going to be a problem straight away, because it is an upstairs flat and there is nowhere for the dogs to be toileted,' Sykes said.

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Days later the inevitable happened, he said.

'The dogs were urinating onto the deck and it was dripping down onto my place below. Three times in a week I have had to clean up dog urine dripping down off the deck.'

The second time Sykes had to clean up the mess, he approached his neighbours.

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'I went upstairs immediately and politely told the new tenants what was happening. They told me Dog Control had visited them and they apologised saying they would sort the problem and it would not happen again.'

Two days later Sykes said he discovered more dog urine, this time over his outside chair and gumboots.

'There is no warning, I never know when it is going to happen. I can't even hang my washing outside now for fear it will be urinated on.'

The smell when the dogs excreted was overwhelming, Sykes said. He had also found dog poo on the concrete outside his backdoor.

'Dogs doing their business upstairs could attract cockroaches, rats or other vermin to my property and other neighbours here,' Sykes said.

Housing New Zealand area manager Darragh O'Loughlin said HNZ arranged a meeting on August 9 to to discuss the dogs with the upstairs tenant, but the tenant failed to attend.

'Housing New Zealand is concerned about the presence of these two dogs in our property as we don't believe it is a suitable location for them and the dogs are also not the tenant's.'

O'Loughlin said Auckland Council's animal management team had also been contacted and had attempted unsuccessfully to meet with the tenant.

The council's Animal Management manager Sarah Anderson said: 'We are still addressing this complaint, so can't comment.'

HNZ's rules around dog ownership changed in February.

'Housing New Zealand recognises the role pets, particularly dogs, can play in improving the quality of life for our tenants,' O'Loughlin said.

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Tenants no longer need to prove a dog is a disability assistance dog or that they need the dog for other health related reasons.

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However, dogs need to be registered and kept within the property.

Download game pc ukuran 200 mb. Tenants are also required to make sure the dog doesn't disturb neighbours, is removed if it becomes a nuisance or is dangerous, and any damage to the home or grounds is remedied or paid for.

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The tenant of the property where the dogs have been kept has been contacted for comment, but has not responded.