Linhof Technika Serial Number Camera

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Apr 8, 2018 - Linhof Cameras - Technika Series. The Linhof Master Technika camera has achieved a certain. The cam is engraved with the serial number of.

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Linhof Technika Serial Number Camera

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The Linhof company, which was established in 1887 in Munich, Germany, still produces premium camera models.

Linhof Technika Serial Numbers

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Linhof cameras: Years of manufacture:
Aerial Aero 220 (NASA)1963-1973
Aero-Press 'Bundeswehr'c1957-1971
Aero-Technika (18x24)1958-1971
Aero-Technika 45c1972
Aerotronica 691925
Baby Linhof1921
Kardan Colorc1960s
Kardan Ec1986
Kardan GTI1997
Kardan Master GTL1974-1979
Kardan Master TL1974-1982
Kardan Super Color1982-1986
Kardan TE-Lc1903-1906
Linhof (folding, 1906)1966-1982
Linhof 220 PL1966-1982
Linhof M 6791910-1935
Linhof Präzisionskamera (4.5x6)1910-1935
Linhof Präzisionskamera (model 1934)1910-1935
Linhof Präzisionskamera (vertical)c1972
Master Technika (Special)c1972
Metrika 451963-1979
Standard 'Luftwaffeneigentum'1950-1954
Stereo Panoramac1920
Studio Camera 701964-1971
Super Technika III (6x9)1956-1964
Super Technika IV Green1964
Super Technika V1994
Technika (18x24)1962-1979
Technika Flexc1939-1946
Technika III1956-1964
Technika Medizin1958-1963
Technika Vc1985
Technikardan Panoramac1985-2000s
Technorama (6x17)c1983
Technorama 612 PC IIc1997
Technorama 617 Sc1996
Technorama 617 S III (Jubilee)c1907-1910
Weitwinkel 65 (Wide Angle)