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EINKLANG is a synthesizer following a complete new paradigm of sound generation. Instead of synthesizing sounds like traditional synthesizers according to a set of technical parameters (i.e. amplitudes, frequencies, spectra..), EINKLANG re-synthesizes sounds using instrument models. These instrument models can not only be tweaked directly in their musical parameters (i.e. loudness, pitch, timbre..) but also be morphed from one tone color to another. These key features allow the user to think in plain sounds rather than mathematical equations and to control EINKLANG with few but very powerful musical parameters.
The instrument models are based on Artificial Intelligence Studio Technology (AIST) that allows synthesizers to understand the structures of sounds, and remember specific nuances of different instruments. So the musician can concentrate on musical aspects, while the synthesizer does all of the underlying technical processing.
Morph Triangle
The morph triangle has three slots for tone colors, one in each corner. The colored gem inside the morph triangle can be moved around and determines the morph ratio for the three tone colors to form a new one. This is similar to a painter mixing a new color from three existing colors on his palette. When placed in one of the corners the corresponding tone color is heard solo. When slid along the sides of the triangle only two tone colors are morphed excluding the third one.
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